Physical Universe : 2nd Primary Cycle

(8 – 10 years old)

Find the activity that suits you best!


How can air move objects? Your youth will find out by having a rocketball race!
Science: Physics

Let’s make plastic

Your youth will be completely surprised to learn they can make plastic with ingredients found in our kitchens! They will be chemists, making plastic molds and learning the mysteries of polymers…
Science: Chemistry

Air that lifts a ball

On the menu: amusing challenges in creating an ingenious apparatus where the force of air lifts a ball.
Science: Physics

Electrical skill game

Wow! Children construct an electric circuit! Not only are they learning about electricity, they will play for hours with this game, competing to show their skills. The installation will stay for their class to use afterward.
Science: Electricity

Wash the water!

So much fun for kids: lots of mucking about to meet the challenge of cleaning muddy water, containing leaves and small branches… Which winning team will bring back the clearest sample?
Science: Chemistry / Physics

Up and down, it’s so much fun!

How can you make a raisin or a chickpea move around in a liquid, without touching it?  You’ll find out, with your youth…
Science: Chemistry / Physics

The thermometer

Up, up, up… So the kids say! They’ll make a water thermometer, fascinated to discover how it works and the principle of liquid dilatation.
Science: Physics

Bottle horn!

Hooray! A fun game… And a noisy one! How does the vibration of a membrane produce sounds? Something to discover! Each youth will make his or her own noisemaker.
Science: Physics

Crystal flower

It’s so much fun to make a flower (or anything they can imagine) covered with glimmering and colourful crystals! The children can bring it home as a decoration.
Science: Chemistry

The air car

A car that runs on air! Each youth will make a tiny car with corks, straws, skewers and a balloon! Discovery of the action-reaction principle!
Science: Physics

Air pressure!

Why does a full glass of water turned upside down not empty out? Three fun and simple activities that help youth discover that air occupies space and exerts pressure!
Science: Physics

Fruity spaghetti

Yum! Come make spaghetti from exotic fruit using an algae-based gel. A treat to share with friends while making chemistry fun!
Science: Chemistry

Water xylophone

Physical activity that’s got rhythm! Your class will vibrate to the sound of xylophones… In teams, youth will face the challenge of not only making the instrument but also playing a few tunes.
Science: Physics

We all scream for ice cream!

Your youth will make their own ice cream with cream, sugar, ice and… Coarse salt (oh yeah!).
Science: Physics