Physical Universe : 1st Primary cycle

(6 to 8 years old)

Find the activity that suits you the most!

Hide and seek!

Can they guess hidden objects using only their sense of touch? A detective-worthy challenge!
Science: Biology

Marble out of paper!

A little bit of water, a drizzle of oil, a few drops of paint… And voila! Kids make their own masterpieces, with fun guaranteed!
Science: Chemistry

Mystery dough….

All kids love making mixes! But what can they make with flour, water, oil, and salt? A cake? A mysterious substance? An enjoyable discovery of how to make modelling clay!
Science: Chemistry

Solid or liquid?

Getting their hands dirty is always a joy for little ones! But how can a substance be solid on a plate, yet liquid in our hands?
Science: Chemistry / Physics

A twinkly wink!

In this electricity-discovery activity, children make switch a funny switch that allows them to turn a small light disguised as a nose or an eye off and on …
Science: Electricity

Magnetic kites

What mysteries do magnets hold? Young participants discover them while playing with magnets. Each make his or her own magnetized kite and race it against their friends’!
Science: Physics

Artistic fluff

A wonderful experiment linking art and science! Your youth will create a masterpiece and discover why some substances do not mix with water.
Science: Physics

Paper that holds water

Why does some paper absorb more water than others? Your little scientists will develop a research protocol and then carry out a ton of experiments!
Science: Physics

Why is it slippery?

Will it slide? Stick? Your youth will experiment with the forces of friction of various objects on different surfaces. Will they be able to meet the challenge of creating a labyrinth?
Science: Physics

A strangely funny clown

Magnets attract some objects, but which? Experiments with magnets to discover their power. Your students will make a dancing clown to bring home!
Science: Physics