Living Universe: 3rd Primary Cycle

(10 – 12 years old)

Find the activity that suits you best!

DNA extraction

Wow! See the DNA of banana! What a great opportunity for your youth to carry out this chemistry experiment! They will be tasked with measuring and mixing several substances.
Science: Cellular biology

Starch detector

In only an hour, your students will become apprentice chemists by conducting tests with iodine on several foods. They will discover what starch is and its utility in foods.
Science: Chemistry

Endangered animal species

A very dynamic and fun activity that teaches about endangered animals, while discovering their habitats, their diets, and why they are threatened with extinction.
Science: Animal biology / Environment

The trees of my neighbourhood

This activity gives your youth the chance to be apprentice botanists! With the help of an identification guide and real tree leaves, they will find the name of the trees to which the leaves belong.
Science: Plant biology


With the help of several tools participants will learn about Braille writing and encode a message. Helping to demystify and understand different visual handicaps.
Science: Human biology

Cell permeability

What is a cell? Several manoeuvres and a few drops of iodine will allow youth to understand what cells are and what role they have in the cycle of life. They will observe plant cells through a microscope.
Science: Biology

The sounds of our forests

A big challenge for your young people! Recognize the different sounds that forest animals make.
Science: Animal biology


A very instructive activity on insect metamorphosis! Your youth will adore following the stages of metamorphosis over three weeks. For this, they will have to create a favourable environment for this amazing insect!
Science: Entomology


Do all chicken eggs give chicks? How do you think you would remove an eggshell without breaking it? An experiment that is as surprising as it is instructive.
Science: Chemistry / Environment