Living Universe: 2nd Primary Cycle

(8 – 10 years old)

Find the activity that suits you best!

Two eyes are better than one!

Why is it so important to have two eyes? Your students will find this out through several fun games!
Science: Biology

How old is this tree?

With round cuts from real tree trunks, young people will discover how to determine the age of trees and the techniques used by researchers!
Science: Plant biology

What kind of milk is this?

Young participants will become scientific detectives! They will be given the challenge of identifying five types of milk by conducting several tests.
Science: Physics / Food science

Classifying living beings

The living world is fascinating! From flowers to animals, not to mention unicellular beings – do you know how to classify them? More than a game of differences, we guarantee a session that is as much fun as it is instructive!
Science: Biology

Plant fragrance

With real plants, your youth will explore a range of aromatic plants! They will observe their differences, smell them and touch them.
Science: Plant biology

Clay animal prints

Do animals fascinate you? You’ll learn the tracks they leave in the forest. Participants will each choose an animal and reproduce its footprint in clay, to bring home!
Science: Animal biology

The secret life of trees

Do you think you know a lot about trees? Test your knowledge with a herbarium, and discover 30 tree specimens! An identification game and fill-in-the-blanks quiz will top off this activity.
Science: Plant biology

3-D glasses (or optical illusions)

Are your eyes playing tricks on you? With your youth, you will discover how our brain interprets images. Each participant will make his or her own 3-D glasses!
Science: Biology / Physics

Molecular cuisine

Chemistry… In your plate! Students will be able to demonstrate their cooking talents by making sunny side up eggs with mango and coconut milk.
Science: Chemistry

Anatomy of a flower

Did you know that some flowers are female and others are male? Your students will observe, dissect and draw real flowers!
Science: Plant biology