Earth and Space: 2nd Primary Cycle

(8 – 10 years old)

Find the activity that suits you the best!

Bottled geyser

Do you know what a geyser is? Each young participant will make a miniature one! A fascinating experiment on how geysers form, using water at different temperatures!
Sciences: Geology/Physics

Magic balloons

Two experiments with balloons, where kids will have fun developing hypotheses based on principles related to air. But careful! The results can sometimes be surprising…
Sciences: Physics

Make a weathervane

Where does the wind go? To the North, South, East, or West? You can learn more by making a weathervane to take home with you!
Sciences: Physics

Weight and air pressure!

Does air weigh anything? How can we prove it? Two fascinating experiments that will surprise many.
Sciences: Physics

Make an anemometer!

The wind she blows… But how fast? Your youth will be delighted to make and bring home a device for measuring wind speed!
Sciences: Physics / Meteorology

Day and night

Who hasn’t wondered why the sun disappears at night and returns the next morning? By building a tiny model, kids will discover the phenomena of the Earth’s rotation around the Sun.
Sciences: Astronomy

Rays of sunshine and UV beads

Would you like to make a bracelet or a keychain with beads that change colour? Students will discover the different types of solar radiation, their benefits and their dangers…
Sciences: Physics

It’s hot! No… It’s cold!

Several game–experiments about these sensations will help young ones learn the notion of temperature.
Sciences: Physics