Earth and Space : 1st Primary cycle

(6 – 8 years old)

Find the activity that suits you best!

Games of lights and shadows

Who has never played with their shadow? A phenomenon naturally sparks curiosity. Why are shadows longer and shorter at different times of day? Youth will enjoy measuring the length of their own shadow as a function of the sun’s position during the day.
Sciences: Astronomy, Physics

Let’s make rain! (Water cycles)

Starting from hot water, how can we make rain? Youth will make a little montage to recreate the phenomena of evaporation, condensation and then rain…
Sciences: Meteorology / Physics

Snowflakes full of air and dust!

Does water take up more space when it’s liquid or solid? Youth will find the answer by conducting experiments with real snow!
Sciences: Physics

Sun, Earth, Moon: which goes around which?

First discoveries in astronomy for your little learners. Each youth will make a model to understand the rotations of the Earth and Moon around the Sun!
Sciences: Astronomy


Under what conditions do icicles form? Youth will explore temperature concepts by doing experiments on solidification and fusion!
Sciences: Physics