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Promoting science and technology to girls, in order develop diverse life skills that will help prevent school dropout and poverty among women. 

Scientific activities for EVERYONE !

Keys to science

This fee-based program is designed for girls and boys in preschool and primary school. Offered to schools, libraries and community organizations in the city of Montréal and area, its goal is to engage youth with science and technology (S&T) in instructive and entertaining ways, in order to:  interest them in S&T, familiarize them with scientific methods and allow them to explore new domains. This program was created based on many requests from the community, and aims to support our organization’s financial autonomy.

Elementary school 1st cycle (youth from 6 to 8 yo.)

Physical Universe
Earth and Space
Living Universe

Elementary school 2nd cycle (youth from 8 to 10 yo.)

Physical Universe
Earth and Space
Living Universe

Elementary school 3rd cycle (youth from 10 to 12 yo.)

Physical Universe
Earth and Space
Living Universe

Scientific activities for day camps

Important notice: Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer scientific activities for day camps this summer, because we have not received the funds from the Canada Summer Jobs program, which usually allows us to hire four animators during the summer. This is only a postponement! We will see you in the summer of 2021!

Between the end of June and the beginning of August, Les Scientifines offers a variety of scientific activities for day campers. Girls and boys, ages 5 to 14 years, are welcome to our facilities to explore different areas of science through fun activities. Ten activities are proposed each year (you will find all the details in the documents below) and day camps are invited to choose between one or two activities.

Activities last approximtely 90 minutes, and are offered both in French and in English.  

Scientific activities for all

We also participate in all kind of scientific activities. Such as:

  • Eurêka! Festival
  • Les filles et les sciences, un duo électrisant
  • Science au féminin
  • Salon Vivre la science
  • Marche pour l’éducation
  • Les Victoires de la Bourgogne
  • and much more!