Organize A Fundraising Activity for Les Scientifines

Thank you for your interest in organizing a fundraising activity benefitting Les Scientifines. It is with the support of our community that we can achieve our mission: to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to girls aged 8 to 17 from underprivileged urban areas to enable the development of various competencies, thus countering school drop-out and poverty among women.  

Organizing an activity is also a great way to raise awareness about our cause and to promote the different services we offer.  

Here are some examples of activities you can organize: 

  • Benefit concert; 
  • Sports tournament; 
  • Cycling event; 
  • Breakfast/luncheon/dinner of all kinds; 
  • Bake sale; 
  • Any “othon” events (Zumba-thon, bowl-othon, ski-othon, etc.);  
  • Etc. 

Be creative! 

However, before you begin organizing your activity, you must complete the  Activity Proposal Form  in order to submit your idea.  All activities must be approved by Scientifines before organization and fundraising can begin. 

A few tips to help you with your fundraising activity in support of Les Scientifines:  

  • Set a fundraising goal: it's more motivating for you and for the people who will want to support you. 
  • Set an example: be the first to donate to your campaign, create your team or buy tickets for your event to encourage others to do the same. 
  • Make a contact list: brainstorm the names of your contacts who may want to contribute to your project.  
  • Share the motivation for your involvement: explain to people why you want to support Les Scientifines. Personal stories and experiences always facilitate fundraising since they help people relate to the cause you cherish.  
  • Be creative: try to add original elements to your activity to stand out and grab the attention of family, friends, work colleagues, acquaintances, etc.  
  • Use social media: don’t hesitate to use social media to share information related to your activity and as a solicitation tool.  
  • Keep in touch with your donors and take the time to thank them: this will allow you to build a solid relationship with your donors and will facilitate your fundraising. 
  • Approach reliable people to help you organize the activity.  

If you have any questions or you would like to submit an Activity Proposal Form, please contact  Florence Seguin, Project Manager, Philanthropic Activities and Communications: