Mission and History

Preparing girls to face the challenges of tomorrow!

With more than 30 years of experience in popular science, Les Scientifines' mission is to promote sciences, technologies, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to young girls aged 8 to 17 from underprivileged neighbouhoods to allow them to develop transversal skills and counter school drop-out and poverty among women.

We encourage these young girls to persevere in their studies and whatever they undertake, despite the various problems they face.

Our participants attend our activities for more than a year, which allows us to have a long-lasting impact on the development of their skills and their interest in science.

Our Scientifines participants are full of determination, confidence and ingenuity!

At Les Scientifines', we are convinced that:

  • Girls can flourish and succeed as much as boys in STEM fields;
  • By acting early, the organization can have a long-term impact on the evolution of their interest in STEM and thus contribute to the development of their future employability and their involvement in the community;
  • Promoting an active role for girls in the search for solutions contributes to developing their creativity, autonomy and self-confidence.

We motivate girls to pursue their dreams and to consider higher education in areas still viewed today as more masculine.  

To date, Les Scientifines remains the only organization in the Greater Montreal region to offer activities free of charge to girls aged 8 to 17 that promote staying in school, exploring an interest in STEM and the development of transversal skills.  


Les Scientifines is a nonprofit organization incorporated under Part III of the Companies Act and recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency as a charity since 1993. Our organization was founded and established in 1987 by a team of four women from the School of Social Work at the University of Montreal, as part of a research project funded by the Quebec Ministry of Education. Their goal was to stimulate the interest of young girls in science, while trusting that this would equip them for a better future. In the current socioeconomic context, and given the need to continue efforts to increase the number of girls in science and technology, the initial goal remains relevant to this day. Through our Scientific Activities for Girls program, Les Scientifines aims to advance the education of young girls by:  

  • Offering scientific activities to promote access to STEM related fields;
  • Helping them acquire motivation and new skills (such as problem solving, scientific inquiry, critical thinking, curiosity, perseverance, patience and teamwork) to increase their capacity for reflection, action and decision-making;
  • Offering a period of homework assistance to help girls overcome difficulties associated with school adjustment and thereby prevent dropping out;  
  • Providing a safe place to go after school.

From 1987 to this day, Les Scientifines has evolved and become an established reference in the promotion of science and the organization is constantly seeking new ways to reach more girls. Thus, in addition to its Scientific Activities for Girls program which is at the heart of its mission, other programs and activities are also offered to different audiences to present STEM in an instructive and playful manner that generates interest and teaches the scientific approach. These programs also aim to introduce STEM to individuals of all ages, in particular by collaborating with other organizations dedicated to the promotion of science and technology, in an open and rewarding environment.