Our Impact

Les Scientifines: Like a Second Family!

“I've been attending Les Scientifines since my third year of elementary school. When I started, I didn't speak much. When I participated in the science fairs, it gave me confidence and my shyness faded away. Today, Les Scientifines has become like my second family. The counselors helped me find a better person in myself by inspiring me to discover and love science, which allowed me to choose a career in science at a very young age. Thanks to Les Scientifines, I am proud to be a woman who is passionate about science!"

– Christina Savann, Participant

The impact of Les Scientifines is important and greatly influences the daily lives of girls who participate in our activities. The services offered by our organization allow us to:

  • Enrich their education;
  • Promote STEM to girls as well as to a wider audience in order to foster a greater understanding of the fields and to develop emerging talent in these areas;
  • Help participants to develop specific skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, curiosity, persistence, patience and teamwork;
  • Prepare our participants for tomorrow’s challenges and maximize their chances of seizing the opportunities that will come their way during their academic journey and afterwards in their professional life;
  • Introduce the girls to inspiring role models they can truly identify with;
  • Prevent the risks associated with school adjustment difficulties and dropping out by offering a homework help period;
  • Offer a safe place for girls to go after school.

Les Scientifines also contributes to the integration of girls who arrive from around the world. Each year, we welcome participants who were born in more than 30 different countries. This multiculturalism brings a diversity of points of view, customs and languages, thereby creating an enriching environment.

At Les Scientifines, we explore science while having fun! What do our participants think?

Making Science Accessible

"For several years, I have been visiting the science fair projects prepared by the girls of our school who attend Les Scientifines and I am pleasantly surprised by the results. Girls proudly talk about what they have learned and found by researching and experimenting on a subject they have chosen themselves. The other students at our school, accompanied by their teacher, also visit the fair, which increases their curiosity and their interest in science. Les Scientifines are committed to the success and integration of youth in their community. By making science accessible and putting students at the heart of the learning process, Les Scientifines allows girls to develop an interest in STEM."

– Maxime Tassé, Principal, Victor-Rousselot Elementary School

Creating a Spark

In 2018, thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Education, we were able to carry out an impact study  Scientific Activities for Girls on our Scientific Activities for Girls program with former participants aged 18 to 25 who attended the programming from 2001 to 2006. From the data gathered, we can conclude that Les Scientifines had a very significant and positive impact on their journey. According to the girls surveyed, the organization has helped to improve their future prospects. 

of respondents had already obtained a qualification (high school diploma or more *)

*greatly exceeding the rate of obtaining a first diploma for all Montreal students which is 78.1%

of them were still studying

were studying in a STEM related field

All respondents agreed that attending Les Scientifines had an impact on their lives. Above all, they mentioned that perseverance, a skill instilled by the organization to reach their goals, as well as being exposed to science at a young age, enabled them to later develop a greater interest in this field.  

Regarding the development of transversal skills 90% of the respondents totally agreed or were somewhat in agreement that Les Scientifines helped them to improve their curiosity, perseverance, patience and teamwork.