Elementary Cycle 3: Earth and Space

Find the activity that suits you best!

Newspaper hang-glider

Why are hang-gliders able to glide? An experiment on the principles of lift that your youth will adore, because they will make their own miniature hang-glider to fly themselves.
Science: Physics

Acid rain

Devastating rain that is slowly destroying our forests… By experimenting on plants, young participants will be sensitized to the terrible effects of human pollution!
Science: Chemistry and Environment

Classify the planets

With the help of plenty of photos, youth will master concepts in astronomy, and then play games about the solar system.
Science: Astronomy

Colours and the weather

Why is it preferable to wear light-coloured clothes in the summer? Young participants will carry out a simple experiment that will help them understand how light energy is transformed into heat energy. Science: Physics


Children are often curious about how a sundial works. During this activity, which will help them learn the concepts of Earth’s rotation, participants will make their own sundial! Science: Astronomy

Oil spill

Take this challenge with your youth to recover oil from an ocean spill! How would you go about it?
After a simulation, you will be given tools to carry out different experiments.
Science: Physics and Environment

The three types of rock

Where do rocks come from? How are they formed? Why not explore this field of geology while handling granite, sandstone and slate? What’s more, each youth will make a homemade rock. Science: Geology

Don't get lost

You are astray in the deep forest… No compass, what to do? Will your youth be able to find their way, thanks to objects like a needle and a magnet?
Science: Physics

Mineral properties (1)

Wow! So many minerals to explore! Your youth will adore handling graphite, calcite, talc, quartz, magnetite etc.… And doing mineralogy tests.
Science: Astronomy

Mineral properties (2)

To perfect their knowledge in mineralogy, youth will finish their experiments and face the challenge of identifying an unknown mineral…
Science: Geology

Astronomy quizz

A quiz! What a fun way to play being astronomers! Using a miniature model of the solar system, each team will try to win the quiz.
Science: Astronomy

The seasons: a tilted question!

Your students will adore making, in teams, an ingenious apparatus that will allow them to understand two phenomena: the Earth’s rotation and the tilt of its axis. The apparatuses will remain in class for future investigations.
Science: Astronomy