Elementary Cycle 1: Living Universe

(6 to 8 years old)

Find the activity that suits you best!

Feeding of wild and domestic animals

Wild animals fascinate all children. Do they know how they feed? Does a lion eat the same thing as a cat, a zebra or a bear?
Through classification and association games, they will discover the answers!
Science: Animal Biology

Aloe vera, quite the plant!

What are the secrets of aloe vera?
Participants will become botanists and discover the mysterious insides of this plant.
Science: Plant Biology

Getting to know insects

Come perfect your knowledge while observing these fascinating little creatures, often misunderstood and unloved.
Fun guaranteed!
Science: Entomology

Tasting challenge: taste without my other senses!

With their noses plugged, can your kids identify different foods only by tasting them? This activity looks at taste buds and allows children to learn how taste works with the other senses.
Science: Human Biology

Quels « sons » ces bruits?

How do our ears allow us to hear? Through a guessing game, your students will be able to identify some funny, strange and amusing sounds!
Science: Biology

What part do we eat?

The leaves? The roots? A whole world of botanical discoveries for your youth! Working with real vegetables in a game, they will learn all about the different parts of plants.
Science: Plant Biology

What's that smell?

Can your children tell the difference among smells such as mint, basil, vanilla, or thyme…? They will discover that we all have olfactory memory! Fun guaranteed!
Science: Human Biology

Make your own yogurt!

Can we link cooking and microbiology? Of course, by making yogurt! Youth will discover the essential role of bacteria in turning milk into yogurt.
Objectives: Understand that bacteria are essential to life; Understand the different stages in making yogurt.
Science: Microbiology

Colourful blooms

How to bring some colour to white flowers? No need for colouring crayons… We only need the principles of capillary action!
Science: Physics